Recipe: Mushroom Asiago Omelette

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Mushroom Asiago Omelette is a perfect recipe for cheese lovers. Just at a moderate price compared to other varieties at restaurants, tasty mushrooms wrapped in a nice fluffy omelet are ready to enjoy, guys!  

Recipe Description

This weekend was a time of random thunderstorms and lightning shows in my neck of the woods. I was rather pleased that the weather had turned a tad ugly since it went well with my case of the lazies. I did manage to get a little bit of housework done, however, including the dreaded cleaning of the fridge. While working on that little chore I was stoked to find I still had a wedge of asiago cheese to play with, as I had a few things that could benefit from this delicious cheese. Though I knew I would use some of it to make an asiago alfredo sauce for some pasta, I decided to start off by using it with some mushrooms in a nice fluffy omelette.

Now, those of you who are new to PGEW may be wondering how in the world asiago cheese can be part of a Poor Girl’s menu. It isn’t exactly a cheap cheese, though it is moderately priced compared to some other varieties. But by grating & shredding it as opposed to using pre-cut slices, I am not only able to increase the amount of usable cheese available to me, I also give myself a chance to use the cheese in a variety of different ways. One 4-5 oz. the wedge will yield over 2 cups of shredded product, giving me ample room to use it or store it as I see fit. From this single wedge of cheese, I was able to make a couple of cups of a delicious alfredo sauce, a very cheesy omelette, and I still had enough left over to store for another day when asiago could be used. As I mention in my Do It Yourself tip, taking that extra time in the kitchen can end up saving you a bundle in the long run.

Flavour-wise, this omelette is another fun one for either brunch or Breakfast for Dinner. The combination of lightly sautéed mushrooms and sharp asiago are complemented perfectly by the caramelized onions that are added right at the end. If you have a few leftovers of the caramelized onions, use them as a fun topping for another dish. Whether you have this or with some roasted potatoes or fresh tomato slices, either way, you’ve got yourself quite the little omelette for less than half of what you’d pay for something similar at a restaurant.

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In a medium skillet heat the 3 tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat. Add the onions, sugar, and salt, and cook for about 15 minutes or until the onions turn a deep brown (but do not burn), stirring occasionally.
In the meantime, lightly sauté the mushrooms in 1/2 tablespoon of butter with a little salt & pepper. Set aside. Beat the eggs in a small bowl and season lightly with salt & pepper. Heat the remaining 1/2 tablespoon of butter in a skillet and add the eggs when the butter has melted. Add the beaten eggs and cook over medium-high heat until most of the egg has dried around the edges & middle (for flawless omelettes, follow this procedure). Add the grated cheese and cover for about 45 seconds, so that the cheese will melt. Add the sliced mushrooms and a generous amount of caramelized onions and fold over the other half of the omelette. Serve with tomatoes, hash browns, or the side of your choice, and enjoy!

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