Newsworthy: PGEW an official contributor to News10!

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So this is fun – after a few months in the works, PGEW is finally an official contributor to News10’s website! is the official website of Sacramento’s ABC affiliate and they are quite the amazing news station with some of the best anchors out there. Anywho, after some waiting, PGEW and some other amazing Sacramento bloggers became a part of the family and I couldn’t be more proud of all of us. I’m featured in the “Surviving the Economy” section of the site, aptly enough, and I invite all of you – local or not – to check it out, as there’s a lot of good info on there on how to weather this tough economy, from job links to news stories to cool blogs that can help you in your time of need. 😉 Right now, PGEW and another amazing Sacramento blog, Juniper James, are the featured bloggers in this section, and I encourage you to check out JJ as she’s seriously the PGEW of fashion (I’m floored by the awesome outfits she can create on a dime!). We’ll be on there for quite a while, I hope! I’m so incredibly honored to be a part of this and hope that you all check out the page, regardless of your location. Though I’ve got the food thing pretty much covered, we can all use some tips and insight on how to weather these tough economic times, so any bit of advice is helpful.

Anyway, check out the link and share it with your friends if you can! I’m just proud to be part something hyperlocal that will reach many folks in the region in which I live, and I can’t wait to show a ton of new folks how they, too, can eat ridiculously well on a minuscule budget. 🙂

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