Photo Makeover: Bright & Sunny Black Bean Salad

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It’s been a while since I’ve had one of the millions of bean-based salads I seem to always come up with and after having found a random can of black beans in my backpack (seriously, the weirdest things end up in there sometimes; the other day I found an avocado in there…), I knew exactly which one to have: an old, forgotten homage to the burgeoning of spring and warmer weather, otherwise known as the Bright & Sunny Black Bean Salad.

I think I came up with this one at work last year when I was tired of the gloomy gray of winter and wanted something happy looking to eat. The only problem was that I was sans camera that day, so the photo I took was taken with *gasp* my cell phone. Now, the old Razr’s camera is perfectly fine for things like my random photoblog, SacraMental, but it’s SO not a good thing to use for food photography. Of all the bad photos that I’ve taken (I’m slowly working on making over all the fluorescent lighted & cell phone shots), this is probably the one that embarrasses me the most. How I allowed myself to even post that thing is beyond me! (I was probably on a blogging high or something…)

Anywho, here’s the much lovelier updated photo to go along with this very tasty & nutritious little lunch salad that takes little to no effort at all to put together. And it’s CHEEEEEAP! I think in the original post I mention that you can get about 3 days’ worth of lunch out of the whole $7 recipe, which is awesome considering folks will spend more than that on a sandwich or a salad at a local café or restaurant. $2 and some change for a far more nutritious lunch is muy Bueno! Enjoy, my friends. 🙂

PS – For those of you with keen eyes, yes, I posted two different shots. They were too pretty so I couldn’t decide which one to post!

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