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Wanna see a REALLY cool pizza recipe???  Then you’ll need to head to the following link and VOTE for yours truly!

I know, I know, I’ve fallen to some new lows and am starting to channel my inner politician, bribing you with promises of super cool, unique pizzas so that you’ll vote for yours truly.  But you see, if you don’t vote for me now, I will not advance to Round 5.  And that 5th round challenges us to do something crazy with something 97.9% of people around the world enjoy: pizza!  I won’t divulge what that special pie will be like, but rest assured it will be different from most pizzas you’ve seen in the past.

Penne with Heirloom Tomato Arrabbiata Sauce

Anyway, back to the matter at hand: I made arrabbiata sauce!!!  FROM SCRATCH!!!  And I went ahead and did the PGEW-unthinkable: I posted each and every single step of the process.  You regular readers know that I like to tell a story and accent it with a couple of photos, not post a ton of pictures with a couple of captions here & there.  But this challenge made us post a step-by-step photo tutorial of a recipe or process of our choosing, and I decided to glean inspiration from the pile of heirloom tomatoes I scored from my day of harvesting & processing tomatoes on my friend Milt’s farm (you Facebook & Twitter folks know what I’m talking about, and a new post about the experience will be up soon!).  From vine to table, I made sure to show all of you how to make a perfect spicy pasta sauce from real, fresh tomatoes, not the inferior canned kind.  You’ll learn how to process your tomatoes so that you can store them for future use, or turn them into an amazing sauce.  Either way, they’re all real, and if you’re struggling with how to preserve the last of your summer harvest, this is a good way to do so.

To vote for PGEW, please click on this link, or follow the prompts from the Project Food Blog widget on the left sidebar.  Your vote will get me closer to getting that coveted Reader’s Choice award (c’mon… I haven’t gotten it yet?  I know you guys are voting!), and one step closer to the final round & grand prize of $10,000, which you all know I could use!

Thanks in advance, and stay tuned for a lovely picture post, a restaurant review (where I got to eat for free, of course), and a couple of brand new recipes!



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