Christmas Giveaway #3: One Day, Three Lucky Winners

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I had wanted to get this last giveaway up earlier this week, but I had some pressing issues that needed taking care of first.  Now that everything is taken care of, I have the chance to share not one, but three great prizes for the holiday season!   The catch?  There’s only ONE day to enter!

Aside from the super-speedy entry time, I thought I’d do something a bit different with this one.  I’ve given away food, I’ve given away gadgets, but the one thing I haven’t really focused on is the almighty book.  A few fabulous books have come across my path this year, and I couldn’t help but share them with you fine readers.  And the first two have nothing to do with food.  At least not directly.

You all know that about 95% of what I talk about here on PGEW is food-related, but there have been occasions when I’ve talked about my love of wine & other fun spirits.  My Sweet & Fruity White Wine Sangria has always been a reader favorite, and last year’s Pink Bubbly Martini was also well-received.  Though I’d love to post more drink recipes & articles, I’m not always in the position to enjoy more than some 2-Buck-Chuck.  A real splurge for me is something in the $8-10 range, but even if I know what my palate likes, I’m not always sure where to start when it comes to choosing a bottle.

One Day, Three Lucky Winners

Enter The Wine Trials, a book I’ve really wanted to read since I met the author, Robin Goldstein, at this summer’s IFBC.  I won’t do a complete review just yet as I’m just getting started on my own copy, but suffice to say that this book, currently in its third edition, is an excellent complement to what I discuss here on PGEW.  I show you that it’s entirely possible to enjoy delicious, oft’ times restaurant-quality meals made from everyday ingredients that most people can afford while helping you to spot and avoid marketing techniques that will rope you into spending more than you really need to at the grocery store. The Wine Trials, through a series of blind tasting sessions comparing expensive wines to their value counterparts, does something similar, illustrating that one’s one taste perceptions are just as trustworthy – if not more so – than what the industry would like you believe when it comes to choosing a good bottle of wine. Just because a bottle is priced at $70 doesn’t automatically mean that’s a better wine, and The Wine Trials walks through this concept and offers a wonderful list of wines under $15 that most of their tasters found to be better than their much more expensive cousins.  Pair these with some of your favorite PGEW dishes, and you’ll be able to enjoy some pretty fab dining for a fraction of what the industry would prefer that you pay.

One Day, Three Lucky Winners
The Beer Trials explores this same concept by ranking several beers using the same blind tasting technique.  I’m not the biggest beer fan, but I know many of you are and actually prefer beer over wine, so I thought it would be great to offer something for my beer aficionados as well.  Why not find some great affordable beers to go with PGEW’s Grilled Steak Tacos or some of your other faves?
One Day, Three Lucky Winners

Lastly, I have a fabulous cookbook from Sur La Table called Eating Local.  This is a gorgeous book filled with simple exquisite recipes that celebrate the best of local, seasonal ingredients.  I had received this as part of my IFBC swag bag but ended up getting a second one as a gift, so I wanted to share the love of sensational produce and all you can do with it.

Three excellent books covering three subjects that any eating & drinking enthusiast is sure to enjoy!  And because they are so different, I thought it would be fun to have three lucky winners choose their favorite book.

To enter, simply comment below and tell me which book you would like to win and why.  Are you obsessed with wine?  Passionate about beer?  Overcome by the beauty & flavors of fresh, local produce?  Whatever your reason, let me know by 9 am Christmas morning!  Three lucky winners will be randomly selected to receive the book of their choice.  The winners will be announced on Christmas Day.

Have fun and Merry Christmas Eve!!!

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