Save the Date: Sacto MoFo is coming on April 30th!

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Gourmet food trucks.  Often mistaken for “roach coaches”, they’re actually clean, quality restaurants on wheels, buzzing with impressive culinary activity.  From lamb sliders to wood-fired pizzas, succulent porchetta sandwiches to sensational desserts, gourmet food trucks are taking most major U.S. cities by storm.  Collectively they’ve become one of the biggest food trends out there, but Sacramento still hasn’t gotten on board.  Like the cupcake phenomenon, we seem to be a couple of steps behind what’s really trending in the food world.

Why is that?  Is the capital of California really that out of it when it comes to food?

Of course not!  If there’s one thing Sacramento really knows how to do, it’s food.  We have fabulous restaurants here in Capital City, as well as a solid base of incredibly passionate foodies who are always ready to try, review, and recommend the latest hot spots. 

Unfortunately, current city ordinances are making it next to impossible for mobile food to find a home here in Sacramento.  From certain restaurants afraid of the competition to the common misconception that food trucks are unsanitary and would attract the “wrong crowd”, some folks just don’t want to see those funny little trucks setting up shop around town.

Sacto MoFo is coming on April 30th!

Luckily, there’s Sacto MoFo.

A part community event, part social movement, Sacto MoFo (which stands for Sacramento Mobile Food) was founded as a way to bring awareness to this rising food trend and the issues blocking it from becoming a vital part of Sacramento’s culture.  Not only would it provide an economic boost to our area (which is one of the hardest hit in the nation by the recession), it would help revitalize our image and put us on the map as a true foodie town.  We love the food here, and we should be able to enjoy it in every way possible – whether it’s at a fine, established restaurant, or the hippest new food truck on the block.

The possibilities for mobile food here are endless.  Because Sacramento is so culturally diverse, a wide variety of cuisines could be represented here via mobile food vendors.  How great would it be to see a soul food truck or maybe a pupusa vendor traveling through the downtown area?  And of course, there’s my favorite part of the whole thing: mobile food = good food for less!  Who can resist a great tasting meal that won’t set you back $50 at a time?

Sacto MoFo is coming on April 30th!

On April 30th, Sacto MoFo will hold a full-fledged food festival, with more than fifteen of Northern California’s best mobile food vendors coming to the Capital city to show the public and the city council what mobile food can do for our area.

Sacto MoFo will be held at Fremont Park on Saturday, April 30th, from noon to 6 pm.  Featuring local food vendors like Mini Burger, and San Francisco Bay Area mobile food rockstars like Spencer on the Go and Roli Roti, this event is sure to have something for everyone.  There’s no admission fee, and those of you who will be taking advantage of the (hopefully) excellent weather & riding your bikes can enjoy free valet bike parking, courtesy of SABA

While all the vendor slots have been filled, this 100% volunteer-driven event could still use some support in the form of sponsorships or donations.  For the complete list of vendors and details on how you can help Sacto MoFo, you can visit their site at

Of course, the best way to show your support is to mark April 30th on your calendar and spread the word!  It’s sure to be an awesome event that will be fun for the whole family.  Hopefully, it will also bring about some serious changes in those city ordinances.  We all want to see Sacramento revitalized & re-energized, and I can’t think of a better way to start doing that than with something everyone has in common: a genuine love of food.

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