Photo Friday: A 35-ulous Birthday, Indeed!

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Yesterday was my 35th birthday (eek!).  I usually have a special birthday recipe post up on the day of the blessed event (lol), but between TV spots, pet sitting for a friend, tons of new projects at work, and managing my pain issues, this week has been just a wee bit hectic!  So I’m definitely looking forward to a weekend of R&R: recipes and writing.

I did make sure to set some time aside to celebrate my 35-ulousness, though.  This year I decided to celebrate at the stylish & delicious LoungeON20 in Midtown. With a new menu and more Poor Girl-friendly prices, this lovely midtown spot was the perfect setting for my birthday happy hour.  And with Executive Chef Pajo Bruich and pastry chef extraordinaire, Elaine Baker running the show, how could we go wrong?

Surrounded by some of my closest friends & fellow foodies, turning thirty-five was fabulous!  For today’s Photo Friday I thought I’d share a few shots from last night’s festivities.  I apologize in advance for not having taken more food photos myself, but I was too busy being the birthday princess, lol!  So, I’d like to thank my dear friends, Jodi, Donna, and Monika, for kindly letting me borrow some of their photos for this post. 🙂

A 35-ulous Birthday, Indeed!
Coolest little lounge in Midtown...
A 35-ulous Birthday, Indeed!
The perfect birthday meal for a hot summer night: Heirloom Tomato Salad (with cucumber, basil seeds & microgreens)
A 35-ulous Birthday, Indeed!
Beet & Berry Salad
A 35-ulous Birthday, Indeed!
PRESENTS!!! Do my friends know me or what? 🙂
A 35-ulous Birthday, Indeed!
With my dear friend Jodi. I'm pretty sure this is the first time she's wearing a hat & I'm NOT! Sacre bleu!
A 35-ulous Birthday, Indeed!
It was too late & too dark outside for any of us to get a better photo, but it needed to be shared anyway! Poor Girl's special birthday dessert, Chocolate Textures, featured flexible ganache, dehydrated mousse, chocolate sorbet, and black & red berry pearls. Thank you so much, Elaine & Pajo!

I had a wonderful time, especially when one of my oldest & dearest friends whom I hadn’t seen in about 10 years paid me a surprise visit!  Between that, the great food & drinks, and the great company & conversation, turning thirty-five was nothing short of fabulous!

Stay tuned this weekend for a couple of new recipes I created for my birthday!  One’s almost angelic, it’s so good for you, while the other is sinfully delicious.  The best of both worlds! 

Happy Friday, everyone!

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