Ch-ch-changes… (Some updates & cool opportunities)

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I don’t normally post updates in the middle of the month unless something cool is going on. This month is offering a lot of interesting opportunities and changes for both my beloved readers and me, so here’s the lowdown on what to expect in the next couple of weeks:

~ First and foremost: PGEW is finally getting a makeover. That’s right: after almost 2 years of my oh-so-lovely deep blue (I do prefer cool colors…) and simple layout, will finally have a complete redesign in the next few days, so stay tuned for that! I’m very excited to do this (though I’ll miss my deep blue) and I hope you will all enjoy the new site design and features. It took a lot of site-related soul-searching and some convincing from some more experienced foodies to finally come to this decision, but I have to agree that the time has come for my baby blog to grow up a bit. You’ve all seen the recipes get more refined, and the tips become more useful; it’s high time that the site should reflect the same image that my food is presenting. Don’t fret, though! It will still hearken memories of the original PGEW layout, so you’ll still feel at home. I hope you’ll all like the changes made and that they’ll facilitate an easier, more enjoyable experience on PGEW. Expect everything to be ready on or before May 23, 2010.

~ The fine folks at Foodierama have asked me to be a part of their awesome site! Those of you who are food blog addicts will definitely enjoy Foodierama as you’ll be able to get the latest & greatest posts from the food WebSphere on one easy-to-access page, instead of poring through page after page of blog titles. It’s a wonderful site that allows you to view all of the best food blogs on one page, so be sure to add it to your bookmarked pages! You’ll be glad you did.

~ If you’ve ever been interested in learning how to make your own stocks, broths, etc. so that you can cook real food (including PGEW food!), you should definitely sign up for this online course from Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen! Beginning June 1st, she will be offering a unique online class called “How to Cook Real Food”. Jenny will guide you through the methods she uses to create all the basics you need in your kitchen so that you can eat nutritiously AND affordably (and you all know I preach this on PGEW constantly!). From how to make your own sourdough bread to how to make your very own homemade soda pop, this 12-week course is sure to help take away some of the mysteries behind all the “extras” we buy at the store, not to mention the fact that it will be far better for you without all the extra additives & preservatives a lot of store-bought products contain. Awesome, right? Honestly, if I could afford this, I’d be taking this course myself! But the good news is that you’ll be helping me out, too! By signing up for this course through the links offered here on PGEW, you’ll help me earn a small portion of the proceeds, which, in turn, will help ME help bring you more of the great recipes you all know & love. You’ll have to hurry, though! The deadline to sign up for the course is May 31st. Click here for complete details & enrollment information.

~ On a related note, I figured I’d share a sneak preview of one of the cool new features I’ve been working on for the new PGEW. I’ve received some feedback regarding things like omelettes & crepes and how it’s a little difficult to navigate the site to find the recipes I’ve linked to which contain the basic recipes. I’ve gone ahead and created a “Basics” section, in which you’ll find basic recipes & techniques for making things like omelettes, crepes, etc., as well as some cooking & ingredient definitions that will help take the mystery out of some of the things I post about. You’ll probably see that before the launch of the new look, so stay tuned! I think you’ll all really like it.

Anyway, that’s it for now! New recipe(s) coming in the next few days too, so be on the lookout for those!

Have a great weekend!



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