Christmas Giveaway #1 winner!!!

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Wow, you guys!  It was so fun to read all the entries for my first Christmas giveaway for the Get Spicy set!  Made me shed a tiny tear to know that so many of you have such well-stocked spice pantries, for as I’m always preachin’, that’s one of the keys to making this Poor Girl eat so durned well.  From cumin to peppers, curries to herbs, there were over 60 comments & tweets that show you all know how to eat pretty well, too!

But there are more giveaways on deck, so it’s time to pick a winner for this one!  With the aid of my good friend, Mr. Random Number Generator, I was able to choose one lucky person from this fun & enthusiastic bunch too as the recipient of this hot & spicy little gift set.  And the winner is…

*cue drum roll*


She’s a big fan of “fresh garlic cloves, red pepper flakes, basil, ginger, cumin, rock salt, and cayenne pepper”; all absolute classics that make almost anything taste better!  Congratulations!!!  Now all you have to do is email me with your shipping info and I’ll get that out to you in the next couple of days!

If you didn’t win, don’t fret!  I’ll be posting another fun gift pack in about an hour, so stay tuned, and thanks for playing!

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