Monday, April 6, 2009

Recipe: Sweet & Fruity White Wine Sangria

Those of you who know me well know that I love my wine. However, I am definitely not a wine snob. I probably could be if I had a larger income, but I still don't see myself looking down upon others who can't afford $78 bottles of wine. I'm not completely well-versed in all the ways of viticulture (yet), but I know what I like and I know the basics.

That being said, I'm definitely not above wines like Trader Joe's good ol' Two Buck Chuck (Charles Shaw), or other "value" wines. Boxed wine I will definitely pass up, but I'm realistic and know what I can and can't afford. Sutter Home, Charles Shaw, and a few others have suited me just fine over the years, and will probably continue to do so until I can finally afford that incredible Zinfandel from Ledson Vineyards. Honestly, if I knew more about how to review a wine, I would give some recommendations on some rather delicious wines for under $7. If you're interested in these, shoot me an email and I'll tell you about some of my favorites.

Anyway, aside from loving my wine on its own, I'm also a HUGE fan of sangria. I'm not sure which inventive Spaniard came up with this wine-based "punch", but I will always and forever be grateful to him or her for it. Though it's traditionally made with red wine, I have been playing with white wine versions for awhile now, and this weekend's beautiful warm weather inspired me to enjoy my favorite concoction outside with some cheese and a good book (Poor Girls may be poor but should always know how enjoy themselves no matter what).

Someday I'll post a more traditional recipe, and I'm definitely looking to duplicate the amazing - albeit heavily spiked - version that they offer at Iberia Restaurant, but with a spring storm scheduled to ruin the rest of this week, I thought it'd be nice to post a reminder of the warm weather that will stick around at some point in the future.

I definitely cheat with this one and use frozen fruit and well-chilled wine to make sure I can enjoy my sangria as soon as possible. Naturally, sangria tastes better after a day or two, but this is still very good right away.

Since for me it's more about the combination of flavors as opposed to focusing on the wine itself, I have absolutely no problem using Two Buck Chuck for this, making this completely affordable. Honestly, I would feel terrible if I used a $40 bottle of wine for sangria, but that's just me. Another TJ's product I make use of for this recipe is the Mangolicious fruit blend (mangos, raspberries & blueberries) because of its wonderful combination of fruits. You can definitely use fresh fruit, but you'll need to ice your sangria very well to enjoy its flavors to their fullest. I like the idea of mangos and berries together, and you can easily find these in most frozen food aisles of supermarkets. I add a little pineapple, some orange slices, a bit of ginger ale, and I end up with a delicious, lightly fizzy serving of fruit with my wine. Talk about multitasking. :)

Sweet & Fruity White Wine Sangria (serves 4-6; Total cost per serving: $2)

1 bottle of well-chilled white wine
1/2 liter ginger ale
1 c Mangolicious frozen fruit blend (or 1/3 c frozen blueberries, 1/3 c frozen mango, and 1/3 c frozen raspberries)
1/3 c frozen pineapple
1/2 orange, sliced
A few cubes of ice (optional for extra chilling)

Combine the wine & ginger ale in a large pitcher and stir well. Add the fruit & ice and stir gently. Allow to sit for an hour at the very least. Garnish glasses with orange slices, and enjoy!


  1. Looks refreshing..just in time for warmer weather.

  2. Gretchen Weiners4/08/2009 07:10:00 AM

    I have a feeling I will be living on this come summer!

  3. This reminds me of a drink we used to make when I lived in Germany. We'd make it in huge quantities and let it sit all day, so the fruit could soak up the alcohol. Your version looks delicious! This is on my list of things to make as soon as the weather warms up enough for the BBQ!

  4. Help, I love your Blog! I am new to blogs, and blogging in general, andI need your help. I have tried to copy and paste some of your wonderful recipes into Word, so I can print them, and all I get is a small sqiggly line, and nothing else! How is it that I am supposed to be able to use your wonderful recipes, if I cannot get them out of the Blog and onto paper! Please help - I know there is a way, and I just don't know it, yet!! Many thanks!

  5. Shore, I just tried to do that myself and got the same thing. But I realized it might have something to do with the fact that my blog is written white text. If you select the text in your Word document and change the color to black, voila! The text appears. It's something I may end up changing in the future, but right now I really like my blue color scheme. Let me know if there's anything else I can help with!

    :) Kimberly

  6. This looks fantastic! I love sangria too...especially white! Congrats on being on Leftover Queen's FFF!!

  7. Is this a standard size bottle of wine or the larger 1.5L?

  8. If I want this to sit in the fridge for several hours before serving, do I hold off on adding the ginger ale? Thanks.

    Made your heirloom sauce for cheese ravioli last night....wonderful.

  9. :D Oooh this looks absolutely fantastic. My Stitch and Bitch ladies are going to love this!



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