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I can’t recall ever being this update on PGEW, but I guess that’s what a redesign will do! Well, that and an increase in frustrated crying and attempts to hurl my computer out the window, but I’m sure my fellow bloggers who’ve done this on their own feel my pain. ANYWAY, because A) the uploading process of my pretty new design isn’t going as well as I’d hoped, B) I have a couple of nom-worthy recipes and a new product review to share, and, most importantly, C) I want to save my sanity, I am going to wait until the long weekend to continue fighting with this thing. Hopefully, some time away will help me figure out what’s going wrong. Plus, this gives me a chance to relax and get to all the other good stuff I want to share with you!

Like this super awesome bonus that Jenny at Nourished Kitchen is sharing with everyone! You’ve all seen my posts about her upcoming eCourse, “How to Cook Real Food”, but I know some of you are a bit hesitant to sign up because of the cost (though, it basically comes out to just $10/class. You can’t find a deal like that for most cooking classes held at schools or community centers! But I digress…). Or perhaps you’ve held out because you’re still not too sure of what will be covered in each class. Well, here’s a great opportunity for you to actually check out a special bonus class for FREE!

Jenny has asked me to share this wonderful bonus lesson on Nuts & Seeds with all of you, and after checking it out for myself last night, I can assure you that you will learn a LOT. Not only does she give you video lessons on the health benefits of nuts & seeds, but she also shows you step-by-step how to make two great nut-based recipes. As if that wasn’t good enough, she also provides downloadable worksheets & recipes that contain a ton of great information. And you get it all for free, here on PGEW (You don’t even have to leave this page! Just scroll down a bit.). What’s not to love?

Before you get started, I just wanted to thank those of you who have already signed up through yours truly, and remind the rest of you that there’s still time to register! And remember, if you register through PGEW, you’ll also help me a little bit, too. Every bit of help I get makes it possible for me to share more of the good stuff you all enjoy so much. 🙂

Enjoy your free lesson! I learned a lot and hope you’ll like it as much as I did, and stay tuned for some great new recipes!



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