Happy 2nd Birthday to PGEW.com! Birthday recipes – 2010

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Two years ago, if you’d told me I would be taking sponsored trips to Seattle, have my recipes featured in the paper on a semi-regular basis, and be unofficially dubbed Sacramento’s frugal food “guru”, I would have told you that you were on crack. Life being what it is, however, all of these things and more are happening to me, all because of my little baby, my pet project, my almost accidental career: Poor Girl Eats Well. And I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for every single moment!

Just like PGEW’s 1st-year birthday, the 2nd birthday has been a wild ride filled with crazy life ups & downs, awesome new opportunities, and, of course, plenty of good food. Here are some highlights and some of my favorite recipes from PGEW’s second year…

  • 9/8/09: Poor Girl’s first TV spot! Yours truly is featured on CBS13’s “Save With Dave” feature, showing folks how to save up to $32 for 4 people while enjoying a tasty summer meal
  • 9/24/09: Spoke as one of the featured panelists for the Sacramento Press blogging workshop
  • 10/16/09: My first in-studio radio interview on Capital Public Radio’s Insights program
  • 10/17/09: Presenter for Child Action, Inc.’s Caring for Children in Stressful Times conference, presenting two workshops on making healthier, more affordable food choices for kids and caregivers
  • 10/20/09: Poor Girl gets her first award nomination! Foodbuzz Nominee for “Blogger You’d Most Like to See Have Their Own Food Network Show”
  • 10/30/09: PGEW becomes one of News10.net’s first featured community bloggers!
  • 11/21/09: PGEW featured in The Catholic Herald’s “Giving Back” holiday section
  • 11/24/09: Poor Girl gets in her first submission to Foodbuzz’s 24 X 24 and learns that tapas parties are fun, but a whole lot of work!
  • 4/6/10: Yours truly teams up with News10 to show folks how to make the most of their farmer’s market dollar
  • 6/28/10: One of PGEW’s recipes is featured in Whole Foods Market’s blog, Whole Story
  • 7/2010: PGEW scores sponsorship to the International Food Blogger Conference courtesy of Red Lobster! 
  • 8/3/10: My latest ceviche recipe makes the front page of The Sacramento Bee’s Food & Wine section 
  • 11/22/09, 3/25/10, 5/23/10, 6/21/10: PGEW gets some Foodbuzz Top 9 love!

And here are some of my personal faves from PGEW’s 2nd birthday of menu idea recipes.  Some you may be quite familiar with, while a few others might be new to some folks.  Either way, they’re tasty, easy, and affordable!  Let’s take a short stroll down PGEW memory lane…


Wow, what a year!  It’s been an awesome ride and I can’t wait to see what the 3rd year will have in store!  To my baby blog: Happy Blog Birthday – the 2nd birthday for PGEW!!!  Thank you so much for bringing out the inner chef in me, for giving me a creative outlet and reminding me how much I love writing, and for motivating me to always strive for the best.    

And to you, my dear readers, THANK YOU!  Thank you all SO much for reading Poor Girl Eats Well and for all of your amazing support and encouragement.  2010’s been tough so far, but having such a wonderful project to work on and such awesome readers & fans really makes everything easier.  You are truly the best!




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