20 Best Christmas Dinner Ideas with PGEW – 2020 Easy Christmas Dinner Menu

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Any Christmas dinner ideas? Yay! Christmas is coming soon. It’s been kind of a weird year but it is almost over. I still can’t believe my eyes that Christmas 2020 is fast approaching. There have been many bad events, but I see how lucky I am to still have the companionship of you all on PGEW.

Anyway, it’s the best time of year for food, isn’t it? I’m here and I’m taking care of your Christmas spread this year with my own great Christmas meal menu (well, folks, hug me and kiss me!).

My house is currently full of a lot of food. Normally it’s not this full but I want to make Christmas dinner menu ideas to show you that you can live a healthy lifestyle and still indulge during the holidays. 

Uh…uh. Let’s check out some of my all-time favorite ideas for Christmas dinner menus. These Christmas dinner ideas easy and quick to make.


List Christmas Dinner Ideas recipes of PGEW

This new super easy soup recipe for the Christmas dinner menu was born in the days I felt under the weather.

Add this to the Christmas dinner menu list to help you to make all the leftover meat shine.

I like simple recipes that bring forth the natural flavors of the foods. And this dish is one of the Christmas dinner ideas restaurants MUST HAVE. Just pay 1- 2 USD extra for bigger chicken, suitable for the Christmas dinner menu for a crowd.

Try it and know why this dish deserves to rank as the 20 Best Christmas Dinner Ideas with PGEW – 2020.

Don’t despise relatively small chickens. It fits the Christmas dinner ideas for small family reunions.

Combine it with a little leftover wine that you don’t feel like drinking, and create the juiciest, most tender chicken ever to add to the Christmas dinner menu template. Yay!

It is time to party. And this one is in the Top 20 Best Christmas Dinner Ideas of 2020 not surprised me at all because it’s freakin’ awesome.

From the first sip, I decided to rank it in must-have Christmas menu ideas restaurant of mine, folks.

Refreshingly sweet little drink. (Woohoo!). It won’t make you disappointed.

This recipe for the Christmas dinner menu is ridiculously simple to make, uber-healthy, inexpensive, and super delicious! It’s the reason why I place it in the Top 20 Best Christmas Dinner Ideas of 2020.
Are you a fan of dishes with broth, folks? Me too. This dish is suitable for a Christmas vibe, especially when you think of Christmas dinner ideas for a crowd. This is one of the quickest and easiest Christmas dinner options. Just try it out.
What makes you addicted to this dish? It is a combination of plant-based ingredients that are nutritious, and irresistible. I’m sure you folks will eat it up in a second! So, I think it’s the best Christmas dinner entree idea and one of the best Christmas dinner options.
With a nice selection of healthy ingredients, you can create this tasty, sexy dish for Christmas dinner party ideas. It can’t be denied that this is one of the BEST Christmas dinner options that satisfy you for the palette and the soul.
Among many Christmas dinner options, you should remind yourselves to go back to healthy food tracking. And now, you can enjoy every delicious bite of it. Put it in your Christmas meal menu for the very next years!

Look, it’s super yummy, right. It’s also so darned beautiful, and colorful. Anyone who loves Thai food can’t help but love it, I swear.

Without eggs in this dish, we have one of the Christmas dinner ideas vegetarians of the world must have on their Christmas dinner menu list.

I used to cook Quinoa for breakfast. With the recipe for Christmas dinner menu, a change of air will do you good (super delicious). What do you think when it was ranked the Top 20 Best Christmas Dinner Ideas 2020?
If you do like Christmas dinner dessert ideas, this is for you. What makes it even more incredible is how much healthier it is than your standard fruit crisp. Trust me and list it in your Christmas meal menu!

Come on! I had to think hard to produce this masterpiece at the lowest possible cost, BUT super tasty (Clap your hands’ folks).

It is a great Christmas dinner entree idea with the quality on par with the restaurant.

It’s quite weird when this simple is in the top 20 Best Christmas Dinner Ideas 2020. 

It certainly makes an indelible impression on people’s palates and one of the most worthy Christmas dinner ideas for a large group though.

Don’t make light of this dish in Christmas dinner ideas. Believe me, it’s incredibly high in protein, inexpensive, and so good too. What’s not to love? Add this to Christmas menu ideas restaurant must-have now!
Why can you lack a little alcohol in the Christmas dinner menu list? Our pockets are not allowed to drink champagne or such luxury drinks. So try this! Inexpensive, but deserve to be listed in Christmas dinner party ideas.

This dish is simple, flavorful, and impossibly easy to prepare.
Try and feel the taste of the SUPER delicious dish in 20 Best Christmas Dinner Ideas.

It’s a quick and simple recipe ever. Why don’t you list it in your Christmas meal menu?

I do not hesitate to put it in the list of I-have-really-random-ingredients-now-what-do-I-do recipes.

Woot! Indescribable taste for Christmas dinner party ideas!

Does anyone think I go crazy making ice cream for cold winter?

Not at all. Many people are just like me. The colder it is, the more addicted to ice cream. We should add this to the Christmas meal menu girls.

This sweet and lovely dessert was a part of my beautiful childhood.

It sounds like an exotic dessert but pampers your tummy and your wallet.

Best Christmas dinner dessert ideas ever. And, it can be listed in Christmas dinner ideas restaurant menus.


I know many of you will have plenty of big meals, ostensibly for the joy of the Christmas dinner party ideas, but in fact to satisfy your bad food cravings. Did I sting your pride with my words? (SRY). Don’t be mad at me. Sometimes I do too LOL. Always be here. I’ll pull you out of the overload with many Christmas dinner ideas. Also, don’t forget about PGEW’s tendency to eat healthy and cheap in the first place among many Christmas dinner options.

By the way, I’m not sure wherever you are in the world, I’m wishing that you are having a safe and merry Christmas.

And if I can help you out with a little bit of joy today with 20 Best Christmas Dinner Ideas with PGEW – 2020 Easy Christmas Dinner Menu, it would be my pleasure.


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