Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas of PGEW 2012 – The Last Minute

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I’ve been single for more Valentine’s Days than I care to remember, but with these wonderful Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas recipes, I still so happy. Not that I have a problem with being single – in fact, I really, really like it.  But it appears that I’ve been coated with a liberal amount of Man Teflon because I have yet to find a guy I can really connect with (at least, not here in Sac).

Despite my love of singlehood and all the luxuries it affords me (oodles of “me” time, full control of the remote, dancing around like a wild woman while using wooden spoons as “microphones” while I bust out some Kimber-karaoke…), I do miss having  someone to spoil on special days, even nauseatingly pink & red ones like Valentine’s Day.  Coming from a Latin American family, I like to feed the people I love, so it sucks when the best I can do on V-Day is fix special treats for my cats.
Alas, there is no Bradley Cooper or George Clooney-alike to whisk me away to some secluded spot in Bali tomorrow.   My Valentines will be my three furbabies and the rest of my bottle of NyQuil (wretched cold season!).  But that’s not going to stop me from helping you fine folks feed your special someones!  So, without further ado, here are a few PGEW dishes to help you have a deliciously affordable Valentine’s Day meal…

Lists of PGEW Valentine's Day Menu Ideas - Recipes Ideas

 I’ve skipped the chocolate since there’s more than enough of that out there right now. Not that chocolate and Valentine’s Day don’t go together; it’s just nice to see different dessert options every now & then.  As usual, feel free to mix & match these dishes to create the perfect menu for you & your sweetheart.

Stay tuned later this week for a new soup recipe, a new photo makeover, and my latest baking-with-quinoa experiment.

Hope all you lovebirds have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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