The 3rd batch of posts is now available! (Reader Request edition!)

I’m so happy with this 3rd batch post, everyone. After my last post, a couple folks on Facebook put in some requests for some of their long lost favorites, and it occurred to me that instead of randomly curating posts here and there, I would ask you, the readers, what you were missing. So far, I’ve gotten some wonderful suggestions, and this is basically Round 1 of the reader requests. I have a special post pinned to the top of the PGEW Facebook page, where you can post recipes from about 2012-2015 that you might be missing from your favorites while the site is in transition. If you have any requests, you can post them there, or even comment below on this post. If you are looking for anything prior to 2011, you can use the “search” function right here on the blog, and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

I also wanted to point out that in the meantime, I’m not linking to some of the other recipes I refer to in these newly added posts, because not all of those have made it onto the blog yet, either. There aren’t too many, and I will be updating those links as those recipes make it back on the blog, but for now please note that if I have mentioned a different recipe of mine within a post, it will not be linked just yet. I just wanted to bring that to your attention, for those of you who read the whole thing before jumping to the good stuff. 🙂

One more quick update: I’ve been noticing a bit of a decrease in Instagram followers lately, and after getting some feedback from some folks over there, I’ve decided to start a third account that will be for PGEW recipes only. As you know, I’m transitioning and expanding past PGEW only, and I did want to reflect that in my IG, etc. At the beginning of the year, I switched my handle to @kimberlypgew, so that folks would know this is more than just a food account. There’s a lot more that I want to talk about and cover, and my main Instagram account reflects this. However, I know there are some who really prefer to see just the recipes and food pics, without the pictures of StuKitty, or commentary on different topics from me. So, in order to honor both, I started the @pgewrecipes account. My main account is not going anywhere, nor is StuKitty’s (yes, I am that crazy cat lady, lol), so if you love those, you can rest easy. But if you’re just interested in the food, I hear you, and I’ve made this just for you. There won’t be many live feeds or daily lunch posts on there, so if you do like those, the main account is where it’s at. But hopefully this will be something those of you who are recipe purists will enjoy. I’m sure grateful that Instagram finally let us have control of multiple accounts, so I’m happy I can finally do this!

Anyway, that’s it for now. Please keep sending those requests for older recipes! I’ll be working on putting those together for a while before I start posting new recipes again, but trust me… there’s a lot of great comfort food a-comin’ soon. It may be 100 degrees over here, but cold weather is coming eventually, so stay tuned in the next couple months for great fall and winter recipes.

And now… your requests! 🙂

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